The artist works in different types of media: drawing, photography, printmaking and experimental films. In her artistic life she doesn’t´t want to limit her artworks in only one medium. The ideas come from observation, feelings and their transformation. One central and on-going development is observing her own personality, as well of others. Her muse is that of her own emotions which the artist intensely feels.
Another common theme: Surfaces, structures, everyday commodities. As well as the unseen responses and hidden emotions of the self and others. Qualities of life, the value of sensitivity, sensuality, signs and traces of time, lost places and stories are embedded in her work. The Artists see herself as a transformer – ideas are shaped by her art to be shared and opened up to the viewer. Her abstract works consist of layers but they are still as transparent to see through, to be immersed in and to be understood. Emotions are the raw materials and aesthetics of her work.
Self-reflection is the another key theme. Experiences, behaviours, feelings of body and soul – those different stages of life that are illustrated into an abstract but accessible language. The value of sensitivity and melancholia are to be seen as a muse, the life drive informing her creativity. Most of the time the viewer has the choice to interpret the work for themselves. To feel inside. She doesn’t want to guide. them.
“I am human being in a culture that’s not allowed to talk about emotions or feelings. Time is short – it´s our choice whether or not to be part of this. But artists have the power to be immune against this and express themselves more. To stand apart from society and observe.“